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2021 School Year Programs


Sunrise Offers Both In-Person and Virtual Educational Programs for Students Across Philadelphia!

Sunrise Community Access Center at Trinity Lutheran Church -

The Sunrise Access Center at Trinity Church is an all-inclusive, in-person environment for Philadelphia youth in grades K-6 to engage in their virtual school day. In addition to full time supervision from Sunrise staff, students receive meals, digital resources (chromebooks, web cameras,  etc.) technical support and high speed internet connectivity to ensure the highest quality access to their digital schoolwork.  The Sunrise access center program provides one of the few spaces currently available for students to engage with peers and educators in-person providing valuable socialization and opportunities for specialized care. In addition to virtual learning, students can participate in fun breaks and activities throughout the school day. Free of charge for eligible families!

  • All youth receive access to full time supervision, digital resources, and enrichment activities.
  • All youth will receive breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack daily. 
  • In addition, youth at Trinity have access to the full range of Sunrise resources, including access to community donations, holiday celebrations, partnerships with community partners and  institutions, and more!

Who Is Eligible:

No one can attend without prior approval. all students must register through the City's Office of Children and Families. Caregivers of Philadelphia students can register for an Access Center if:

  • The children are entering kindergarten through sixth grade.
  • Caregivers are working outside the home and cannot provide supervision.
  • Caregivers are not able to afford childcare during school days.



To Register - Click Here!


Access Centers are Essential business under the current COVID-19 Restrictions. There are fewer than 100 community access centers in the city providing an in person learning environments.All Philadelphia Health Department requirements are being followed to ensure a safe environment for participating youth and staff. Restrictions include:

  • Daily temperature checks and health screenings
  • Social distancing practiced at all times
  • Dedicated health and safety team employed full-time
  • Masks required at all times by all students and staff
  • No one will be allowed to enter the building except for Sunrise staff and students to ensure safety of those inside.

Trinity Access Center is made possible through support from the City’s Office of Children and Families. For more information on Access Centers across the City and other educational resources, Visit:


Questions about Trinity Access Center or if your family is eligible?


Contact Laura Johnson:


May - Program Calendar



Sunrise Virtual Programming:


Students in K-6th grade are invited to join Sunrise of Philadelphia for free virtual afterschool programs taking place online 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM every school day. Designed to provide a space for youth to be supervised and attended after school, Sunrise staff lead engaging virtual activity blocks and chill out time focused on everything from homework help and literacy games, to art classes, fitness training, movie time and more. Sunrise Virtual Afterschool is a space for students to engage face to face with their peers and to have access to enrichment opportunities and fun activities after school 5 days a week. Plus, it's completely free for families across Philadelphia.

  • Attend as many or as few sessions as you choose - flexible to fit you and your child’s schedule
  • Fun and engaging activities 5 days a week

Who is Eligible:
Priority will be given to students at Sunrise schools but a
ny student with a Philadelphia address is invited to participate in Sunrise’s Virtual afterschool programs. Programs are free of charge.

List of Sunrise Schools

  • Francis Scott Key Elementary School
  • Chester A. Arthur School
  • Science Leadership Academy Middle School
  • Eliza B. Kirkbride School
  • Edwin M. Stanton School
  • South Philadelphia High School


Funded by a Grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and supported by the Uncommon Individual Foundation

To learn more, contact:

Grades K-3: Morgyn Yates

Grades 4-6: Jacqueline Smith



In partnership with the Philadelphia Youth Network, Sunrise is offering an exciting new program giving young students at South Philadelphia Highschool a chance to make money for participating in virtual out-of-school time. Each day between 1 and 6pm, students are invited to participate in engaging virtual activity blocks and chill-out times focused on everything from homework help and career readiness, to personal finance, entrepreneurship, and social justice. While sessions are not mandatory, compensation is based on several benchmark sessions and check-ins and students must attend at least 2 sessions per week. Students in 7th-12th grade can earn up to $595 for their participation.

  • Gain valuable job skills and resume writing practice in the Sunrise employee readiness program
  • Learn about entrepreneurship and create a real business plan for your next big idea
  • Engage in seminars with social justice leaders and get involved in your community
  • sessions are not mandatory and there are no grades or report cards (must attend 2 classes a week for compensation)
  • Get paid for your time!

Programming takes place between 1pm and 6pm daily. 

Who Is eligible:


South Philadelphia High Schoool students grades 9 -12 are elegible to apply for programing. Younger youth should contact us for programming options!



Funded by a Grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and supported by the Philadelphia Youth Network

To learn more, contact:

Brianna Morales



Sunrise @ Southwark Community School -


Sunrise has partnered with Southwark Community School to provide exclusive out-of-school time opportunities. Sunrise @ Southwark programming takes place virtually from 3-6pm Monday through Friday. Designed for families looking for after school enrichment opportunities, Sunrise@Southwark provides an engaging and safe virtual environment for students daily!


Sunrise @ Southwark activities include:

   - Tutoring and Homework Help 

   - Virtual Field Trips 

   - Arts and Crafts Classes 

   - Dance and Music Classes 

   - Fun Online Games

   - Hands on STEM Experiements 

   - Social Emotional Learning Opportunities

   - General Decompression and Hangout Times 

   - Face to face opportunities to interact with peers and make friends! 







To learn more, contact:

Nicole Paul



Hybrid In-Person Programming is Now Available

Sunrise of Philadelphia is expanding its virtual afterschool programming for 7-12th grade students.
In addition to daily virtual programs, Sunrise is now offering Hybrid-in-person programming providing students with a safe and secure space to spend time afterschool.