Sunrise of Philadelphia - Philadelphia After school

Scenes from Sunrise - March 2021:

Students were welcoming spring all month long with some long awaited outside time! 

Students at Trinity Access Center showing off their new tie-dye shirts! 

Older youth in Sunrise's virtual program have been exploring stocks and personal finance this month with the online platform STAX!


Sunrise students were joined by local Philadelphia author Melissa Montero for a live read aloud of her latest book, "I Refuse to Choose".

Happy St Patricks Day from Trinity Access Center!!

Arts & crafts are our favorite!

Spring has sprung at Sunrise! We celebrated with a paper airplane contest outside! 

Students in Sunrise's virtual programs were sent home with literacy kits courtesy of the Uncommon Individual Foundation!


Trinity Access Center students working on a special Tie-Dye arts and crafts project! 

Sunrise is getting excited for Easter!


Check back next month for more!!!