Technology Mentorship - Game Development and Design!

 - New Programming for Virtual 7-12th Grade Students -

Together with the Uncommon Individual Foundation, Sunrise is offering a new and exciting program for students in its Virtual 7-12th grade afterschool program. 

A part of the UIF's technology mentoring program, the course explores video game development and the fundamentals of game design while providing students with mentorship and individual instruction in basic digital coding.

Each week, experts from the Uncommon Individual Foundation will introduce Sunrise students to a new element of video game design - from user interface design and level design, to game animations, basic node editing and more. Students will brainstorm characteristics, pitch game ideas, and create a narratives. The program wil culminate in completed games and levels that teach and reinforces the skills necessary for game development and design.

Stay tuned for playable version of our students games!  

The course is geared toward middle school to high school and uses, a free, easy to use, program that runs on Chromebooks, laptops, desktops, and iPads.

UIF's Technology Mentoring program brings mentors with a background and passion for technology into schools and community organizations. By contributing their time and expertise in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, mentors help students “learn by doing” while providing guidance and encouragement.

In addition to working with technology, UIF mentors demonstrate how entrepreneurship and innovation are used to commercialize a product or service concept.

For more on UIF’s Technology Mentoring programing CLICK HERE

For more information on how to enroll students in Sunrise's digital programming for free, visit Sunriseofphila/programs