Let's Celebrate an Amazing Summer! 

Our students and staff worked so hard this summer and it shows. Please watch our latest video that highlights the work of our Middle and High School virtual programs. A big thank you to all of our students, families, funders, supporters, and staff for making this summer happen. 

Thanks for Watching!
Want to Jump through the video? See the timestamps below:
Social justice program highlight is 00:56 - 07:18
Entrepreneurship program highlight is 07:18 - 19:17
Student Survey responses written is from 19:17 - 24:10
Student Survey responses voice and video is 24:10 - 33:54
Staff Survey responses is 33:54 - 49:55 

Sunrise NEEDS to know how best to serve you! 

Based on the School District of Philadelphia's (SDP's) re-opening strategy, we have a couple questions about what kinds of afterschool programming would best support you and your family this year. 

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The full SDP reopening plan can be found here: https://bit.ly/3gx4muH